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Hey there! My name is Jared and I want to share with you as briefly as I can, how I got into videography and the type of work I have experience in.

To be honest, videography was the last thing I saw myself doing. Growing up, I always loved making videos, whether it was skate videos of my friends or video projects for school. During quarantine of 2020, I began to film my own exercise videos using my sister's camera (Sony A6400) for a glute and core program I was making. I decided to buy a subscription for Premiere Pro and learn how to edit my videos. I got sucked in... Sucked in to the editing process, all there is to premiere pro, how to color grade, and I found myself staying up till 4:00am and spending way too much time editing the videos than actually making my workout program. I kept having this reoccurring thought in my head, "why am I spending all my time editing these videos, I'm a personal trainer". But my intuition would kick in and tell me just do it, it will pay off. I thought that meant I would never have to pay anyone to make me exercise videos, not filming big events such as weddings, GoldRush, gender reveals, etc. 

It wasn't until one year later, I experienced my first injury. To put things into perspective, I've never been injured over my 19 years of training, as both a competitive and non competitive athlete. I pulled my back, simply by bending over.. hahah. I had just bought a new camera and had a plan to make exercise videos for social media. A good friend of mine asked me to make him a hype video to promote his new training business he was launching. I was happy to help, but little did I know that would ignite a new passion. Filming the video, editing in post production, and then delivering it to my friend and hearing his response; how shocked, happy, and how inspired he was. I began offering free videos to many of the trainers in my gym, other companies, which led me getting connected with a cannabis company that provided me with many opportunities and many different fields of work such as instructional videos, event videos, dispensary videos, product videos, promotional videos, and the lost goes on! I still work with them to this day.

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