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Client Testimonials

matthew weeman

I have been physically active, training in the gym and training for sports my entire life. I always considered myself an above average athlete who dedicated much more time towards health and fitness than nearly all of my peers. With health and fitness being one of my top priorities, for years I would spend rigorous amounts of time studying lifts, learning about the body, and coming up with the best plan of attack to keep improving and get the biggest bang for my buck for all the time I was spending. Then I met Jared and started training with him, and it blew my mind how much more advanced he was at the same age as me. He is just on another level with his understanding of the body, and taught me more in a few months than I had learned my entire life. At first I though his level of detail was unnecessary down to specific timing and dieting, but then I started to see the results. Again, this boggled my mind. I had been training my entire life, thought I had a good understanding of my body and how to maximize my results, yet after training with Jared for only 3 months my body fat percentage was cut in half and my strength nearly doubled for all major lifts (squats, bench press, deadlift). Quite simply he is a health guru who has completely changed my life and I would highly recommend him to anyone who cares about their health and improving their fitness.



wade savage

Jared Estrada has been one of the best people to work with purely from a business standpoint. He’s straightforward on what he means and does what he says he is going to do. When I have questions, he takes the time to answer them thoroughly. He has cared for me as his client, while lifting recently I had injured myself. Immediately following this, he then worked to create and customize a new fitness plan to both help me rehabilitate my injury as well as maintain all the progress I had made in the months previous. When it comes to his fitness expertise and knowledge, I have never worked with someone who outdoes him. He provides reasoning for all the techniques and methods for the chosen exercises. When I myself have asked for further in depth explanations of these practices he provided me with in depth and vivid commentary for benefit and gain of the outlined practices. He’s provided exemplary accessory resources, videos and literature and his knowledge on many different aspects of what makes a solid and functional athlete, not just bigger muscles.

I’ve been working with Jared for about 3 months now. In that time, I have dropped close to 20 lbs and about 3.5% BF all while maintaining strength and even improving upon it. During the time with Jared, most of my PRs recovered back to my high school days and even surpassed my old records. My core is the strongest it’s ever been, my mind muscle connection is the most linked it’s ever been. When it comes to Jared’s plan and execution of strength improvement, it’s not simply about the bench, the squat and the deadlift. It’s about improving the stability, flexibility, foundation and overall health of his clients. With those core elements, the strength, size and aesthetics follow naturally. I am going to continue working with Jared to attempt to get myself into the best shape of my life and continuously improve every day.

W.Savage.10.5 to 11.29 55 day prog.jpg

estevan gonzalez

Ever since after high school I’ve always been a very “keep to myself” type of person I would think negative of myself, lived in fear, cared too much about what other people thought about me or how I looked, had a history with drugs and not eating as much as I normally would. But lifting has always been my escape. But I never worked out properly (I thought I did and that I knew a lot) but really half of it was incorrect and injury causing habits. I lifted just cause it felt good and because I had a love for it. But when I started to train with Jared my whole mindset, and my whole outlook changed on not only lifting but life, the way you think and how you think about yourself. That without mental strength, you’ll never have physical strength. It starts in the mind then when you become who you are supposed to be and really work on your inner self inside and outside the gym that’s when shit will change for you. That’s when you’ll hit goals you never knew you could hit and you’ll unlock a potential and vision for yourself. I look at Jared as role model, a leader, a brother (we have so much in common) and he inspires me to be great. Not to settle or go half ass, he lays out what it takes mentally  and the discipline you need to go far with your fitness journey. He is the nicest most knowledgeable guy I’ve ever met when it comes to the fitness world  and I know that anybody who is in the same boat or is wondering if Jared is worth trying, they will regret not starting sooner. I guarantee it. Jared has changed my life, my physique, my eating habits, and taught me so much about proper nutrition and proper training. Now I am positive about myself and with others I know what it really takes and I can go into the gym with my head held high without feeling low about myself or focus on other people judging me.  “You’ll never know until you try".

mvar before after.jpg

marisa Varricchio 

“It has always been a goal of mine to do a bikini competition, for years now! I personally didn’t have the finances or it just wasn’t the “right time”. I reached out to Jared multiple times and we finally pulled the trigger! I wanted to work with a coach I trust from the get go, we had gone to high school together so I already knew him! I feel it really helped me throughout my process of prepping! He did an awesome job helping guide me and dealing with my pickiness when it came to my meal plan, he had an opinion on everything! And from another coach's point of view that’s just what I needed/wanted going through this journey. He helped me reach every goal of mine, from listening to what my body really need/what I was looking for, from what color suit I wanted to helping me with finding the perfect posing coach and so much more in between to the very end! My one goal was to step on stage and place in At Least one division and we made it happen! I couldn’t have picked a better coach to get me through the prepping process and I look forward to more shows together!”  


Zach Johnson

For years I enjoyed eating what I want, when I want. I never had to worry about my weight. Then I turned 25 and it seemed over night I gained 20lbs! I went to a gym and immediately began to work out. I started going 3x a week and saw some results. I was excited for my progress! After a while I stalled, I stopped making progress and couldn’t seem to reach the goals I wanted. I decided that I needed professional help and that’s when I hired Jared. He changed my life! He taught me so much about lifting, dieting, and fitness in general. His knowledge was priceless. After just 11 weeks I had a six pack and felt amazing! Not only did he change the way I look but his passion motivated me to pursue a career in fitness so I could help others as Jared had helped me. To this day I continue to use Jared as a coach and motivator. He’s always teaching me new things. I’d recommend him for anyone new, experienced, or anywhere in between!


Nate Gonzalez

Jared Estrada’s programs were very informational and descriptive. He was great with keeping in contact and answering any question I had on either what foods I was allowed to eat to the workouts. He helped me rehabilitate my shoulder that had a minor dislocation. I tried new things I didn’t even knew existed. He’s really knowledgeable in what he does, and truly cares about his clients. Made it very easy to understand and customized the plans to best fit you. I would recommend him to anyone. 


Jordan Puetz

After working out for 3 years, I reached a plateau where I was making no progress and unable to gain weight no matter how much I ate. I decided to reach out to Jared for help because I saw his progress. I fell in love with one of his training techniques that I never utilized before because it tore me up! I began using it for all my lagging muscle groups and it brought them up substantially. I was more motivated to make it to the gym in the snowy Tennessee weather and always got pumped from the results I was seeing through his supplementation recommendations and intense training modules. He was extremely on time with the check-ins (a lot of coaches are flakey), checking in with me frequently and switching up my routine for a muscle group to see how I reacted to that specific type of training.


Aubrey Hibbard

I trained with Jared at Eos Fitness center for about three months. He is always so friendly and welcoming right when I walk in the door! When we worked out he always got me to do more than I thought I could and encouraged me to go for more. He’s an amazing trainer and a fun person to workout with!

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